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Xception Advisory Group

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About US
Our Mission
To help successful business owners clarify their goals and execute coordinated strategies to enjoy, protect, and pass on what they have worked hard to create.

We like to say our CLIENTS are the Xception to the rule.

Our clients started their business from scratch and built them to multi-million-dollar companies with 8-figure values. As your business grows there comes a tipping point where the business success jumps tremendously in a few years, and it leaves the owner feeling off balance and needing to ‘backfill’ planning in multiple areas. We serve as a ‘general contractor’ with specific expertise in various areas and the ability to coordinate your entire financial picture with our network of subject matter experts.

While many ‘financial advisors’ would love to serve this type of client, we believe most advisors have insufficient skills and experience with this client profile. Advisors who provide ‘personal financial planning’ to employees often think the same strategies apply to business owners but with higher dollar amounts. That’s incorrect. Different mindsets, issues, opportunities, and strategies apply to high-net worth business owners that simply don’t apply to most individuals. Financial advisors often try to convince business owners to remove funds from the business to place under the advisor’s management rather than reinvesting to grow the business. This phenomenon highlights the misalignment of an advisor and a business owner client.

Our Inspiration

Our business strives to serve as your fiduciary by putting your needs first and working within an “open-architecture” when coordinating financial strategies, services, solutions, and products for you.

The pursuit of Excellence drives what we do. ‘Excellence is a Habit’, noted as far back as Aristotle. All XAG team members are creatures of habit, organization, and high-quality performance. Always striving to improve. No matter how good we get, we will never be the ‘best’ because we can always be better.

Our Value

Confidence is the greatest value we hope to provide our clients.

When we first work with a client, they give us the benefit of the doubt when they hire us. That turns into trust when they see the way we listen, observe, respond, and counsel. After executing successful strategies time and again, the benefit of the doubt and trust is converted into confidence in our team, our advice, our attention to detail, and our care for the client.

Our clients are already SELF-CONFIDENT, but it’s rare for them to find someone else in whom they can place the same level of confidence.

We strive for THAT CONFIDENCE.