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About Us

Based in Atlanta, GA, serving clients across the US and abroad

Xception Advisory Group was founded in 2014 by Patrick Callahan, JD.  Xception offers a unique combination of services and specializes in guiding successful entrepreneurs in the top 1% of household income and net worth who seek better coordination among their business, estate, financial and tax planning. Xception designs and helps implement sophisticated strategies that integrate client objectives on multiple levels and give them the clarity and confidence they need to make wise and important decisions.

At Xception, our CLIENTS are the Xception to the rule.

Most of our clients started from scratch and built their businesses into multi-million-dollar enterprises.  As a business grows there comes a tipping point where success grows rapidly in a short period of time.  Xception serves as a ‘general contractor’ with expertise across multiple areas and the ability to coordinate your entire financial life under a single umbrella through our direct services and our network of strategic partiers.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are very unique and have needs that differ from typical wealthy clients.  Different mindsets, decision making styles, planning issues, opportunities, and strategies apply to high-net worth business owners that simply do not apply to most individuals. Financial advisors whose experience is dedicated to non-entrepreneur families and individuals may not be suitable for a business owner. You need an advisor whose expertise and focus is dedicated to comprehensive guidance for entrepreneurs – business growth, succession, legacy, estate, investments, risk management.  This is the goal of Xception Advisory Group.

Our Mission

To help successful business owners clarify their goals and execute coordinated strategies to optimize, enjoy, protect, and pass on their life's work.

Our Inspiration

“Excellence is a habit” - Aristotle

The pursuit of excellence drives all we do.  All our team members are creatures of habit, organization, discipline, and high-quality performance.  We strive for continuous improvement in our personal and professional lives.  

Your Confidence

Confidence is the value we strive to provide our clients.

Every client relationship begins with a basic amount of trust.  Our goal is to cultivate that trust through the way we listen, observe, respond, and counsel.  After executing successful strategies over time, we find that trust matures into confidence.  Confidence in our team, our advice, our attention to detail, and our care for clients.  That type of Confidence is rare and must be earned over time.  That type of Confidence is what we strive to earn from you.