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Active Entrepreneurs

We do our best work for first-generation entrepreneurs seeking guidance to help navigate the complexities of success. Many XAG clients admit their success exceeds expectations from when the business began with an idea and one team member. Our clients are ambitious, determined, visionary, and respected, but they need support and expertise to preserve and pass on what they have built.

Client Centered

Our advisory process and services address:

  • Business succession and continuation planning
  • Advanced estate and trust strategies
  • Income and estate tax strategies and solutions
  • Investment advisory and wealth management
  • Risk management and insurance solutions
  • Asset protection structures
  • Qualified plan advisory services
  • Executive retention and employee benefits
  • Legacy and philanthropic planning
  • Centralized financial organization

Each client’s needs are specific; therefore, we spend the right length of time in our consulting process exploring and understanding your individual goals, concerns, and motivations before developing a strategy. As we complete building your strategy, we begin to focus on the execution of that strategy. From execution we move into continual oversight and monitoring of your personal strategy.