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Client Profiles

Active Entrepreneurs

We do our best work for first-generation entrepreneurs seeking guidance to help navigate the complexities of success. Many Xception clients admit their success exceeds their original expectations when the business began.  Our clients are ambitious, determined, visionary, and well-respected, but they need support and expertise to optimize, protect, and pass on what they have built.

Client Centered

Our advisory process and services address:

  • Advanced estate and trust strategies
  • Asset protection structures
  • Business succession and continuation planning
  • Centralized financial organization
  • Executive retention and employee benefits
  • Income and estate tax strategies and solutions
  • Investment advisory and wealth management
  • Legacy and philanthropic planning
  • Qualified plan advisory services
  • Risk management and insurance solutions

Each client’s needs are specific, so we initiate each new client relationship with a fee-based consulting process exploring and understanding your individual goals, concerns, and circumstances before developing a customized strategy.  As we complete your strategy, we focus on execution of the strategy and coordinating the efforts of the necessary resources, advisors, and strategic partners.  After planning strategies are executed, our role transitions to ongoing (i) oversight and monitoring of existing planning and (ii) advice regarding new planning opportunities or issues.

Retired and Transitioning Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs define and approach ‘retirement’ much differently than employees.

We have assisted many entrepreneurs transitioning into retirement, but the strategies and solutions we employ depend entirely on a client's business succession and retirement goals.  You may want a liquidity event with a third party buyer, an ownership transition to the next family generation, a transition of management roles and/or ownership to key employees, or a combination of these options.  A common desire among entrepreneurs is diversifying their time among other priorities and interests ranging from family, philanthropy, travel, or other business opportunities.

We're here to help the process go smoothly and ensure goals are achieved.

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Our advisory process and services address:

  • Pre-transition income and estate tax strategies
  • Advanced estate and trust strategies
  • Business transition strategies
  • Post-transition Investment advisory and wealth management
  • Centralized financial organization
  • Legacy and philanthropic planning
  • Ongoing entrepreneurial pursuits

Many non-entrepreneurs are intimidated by the prospect of owning and leading a business.  Most retiring and transitioning entrepreneurs are concerned about life after business ownership and leadership.  Even after a successful business liquidity event, the new approach to owning investment assets instead of owning a business can feel strange and uncomfortable.  We work very closely with entrepreneurs on pre- and post-transition planning, and we approach investment strategy and wealth management with an entrepreneurial mindset that resonates with business owners.  Furthermore, in almost all cases, business owners retain one or more business entities that provide outlets for entrepreneurial activities and opportunities.  

Business owners transitioning their business to an aspiring entrepreneur in the family usually face a long, phased transition process rather than a straight forward business transaction and liquidity event.  These family business transitions present special opportunities to execute succession plans and multi-generational wealth transfers, but these cases also require the most patience, foresight, and sensitivity to family dynamics.  We excel at facilitating complex family business transitions and guiding you through the process. Let us walk through this transition with you.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Client Centered

From time to time, we have the unique pleasure of working with clients through an entire business life cycle, from start-up and development to significant liquidity events, and ownership transition.  We serve select aspiring entrepreneurs in the development stages of their business.

Our advisory process and services address:

  • Business organization planning
  • Foundational estate and trust strategies
  • Foundational risk management and insurance solutions
  • Financial planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Insurance solutions
  • Investment advisory