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Retired/Transitioning Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs define and approach ‘retirement’ much differently than employees.

We have assisted many entrepreneurs as they transition into retirement, but we firmly believe that the strategies and solutions we employ depend entirely on your individual situation. Some clients have enjoyed a liquidity event transaction. Others have transitioned ownership to the next generation. Still others have transitioned management roles and rewards to key people to allow the owner more time to pursue other interests.

Client Centered

Our advisory process and services address:

  • Business transition strategies
  • Advanced estate and trust strategies
  • Pre-transition income and estate tax strategies
  • Investment advisory and wealth management
  • Legacy and philanthropic planning
  • Ongoing entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Centralized financial organization

XAG enjoys many relationships with ‘retired’ entrepreneurs who are now devoting their creative energy to new interests and opportunities.

In some cases, XAG works with business owners who are transitioning or transferring their business to an aspiring entrepreneur in the next generation. These are usually long, phased processes rather than simple transactions or liquidity events. These family business transitions present special opportunities to execute succession plans and multi-generational wealth transfers, but these cases also require the most patience, foresight, and sensitivity. XAG excels at facilitating complex familial business transitions.